74 Challenger Undercarriage

The challenger has had the body work completed underneath. We are priming the underneath with 4 coats of high build primer. Once the priming underneath is done we will leave it in primer while we put the car back on its wheels install and line up all our body panels and begin body work on (...)

74 Challenger Sandblasted

We have finished all the metal repair on the 74 challenger. We are disassembling it and putting it on a rotisserie to get sandblasted inside and out. Here it is in the paint booth prior to spraying two coats of epoxy primer on it. We will spray the epoxy primer on it and then do (...)

74 Challenger Roof Installed

Here is a picture with the new roof installed. It was an aftermarket piece and fit very well. Much better than the sun roof hole that someone cut in the original one. We also changed the left hand 1/4 panel because it had been damaged years ago and had a bad repair done on it. (...)

Fixing the 74 Challenger’s Roof

We have decided that the best way to fix the hole in the roof from the sunroof is to replace the whole roof. We can buy an aftermarket one from golden leaf automotive. Here are a couple pictures with it removed and then installed.

Beginning Restoration of 74 Challenger

The disassembly has begun on the 74 challenger. The floors look to be in pretty good shape so far. We will take everything off and then assess what metal needs to be replaced. We will have to do something with the “nice sun roof ” it was the in thing to install back then!! Also (...)

Porche front storage needs some work

The front storage area is in rough shape. Between being rusty it has also been dented in many times from the previous owner hitting curbs. We will cut out what we need to and replace. Some of the parts are available from Restoration Design in Guelph the rest we will make ourselves.

Porsche Floors are Welded In

We have the floors all welded in. Next we will work on the rockers and the inner structure on the left front area. The fenders are welded on so we will cut them off to gain access to the inner structure. We will rebuild the inner structure as needed with new metal. Some pieces we (...)

This Porsche Needs a Lot of Metal Work

Well it turns out that the Porsche is going to need a lot of metal work to make it road worthy and safe. There is a company in Guelph Ontario that makes replacement panels for the 356 as well as many other models. They make really nice parts that fit well. We have ordered new (...)

Complete Restoration of a 74 Challenger

Adrian has brought us in his 74 challenger for a complete restoration.  He bought it new in 1974 !! It looks to be not in too bad of shape but has been sitting for quite a while so everything will have to rebuilt or replaced. In a about a year it will be ready to (...)

Stripping down the 1956 Porche

We have have started to strip down the 56. We have found that the floor has been repaired with spray foam and fiberglass, lucky that someone didn’t fall through the floor. It is going to need all new floors for sure.

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