Wet Sanding the Challenger

The challenger is all wet sanded and polished, we will work on painting the rest of the parts and begin assembly. We’ve included a couple of pics of the underneath as well.

Wet Sanding the Porsche

Here are a couple of pics of the wet sanding process. We start with 800 – 1000 grit depending on the job we are doing and finish up to 5000 grit before polishing with 3 different compounds and pads.

Challenger Rear End Rebuilt

We have the rear end all rebuilt and painted and ready for install. The k-member and engine and trans and all the other pieces are also ready to install. We will install everything to get it rolling again. We will then mask up all the parts and the underneath of the car and paint the (...)

Porsche in the Paint Booth

Here is the Porsche in the paint booth. All done!! We put on 4 coats of water base with 4 coats of high build clear. We will bake it for about 60 mins then let it sit for a few days before we start wet sanding and polishing it.

Challenger Ready for Paint

After 10 months of work the challenger is finally ready for final paint. We will put on 3-4 coats of water base colour on it and then 4-5 coats of high build clear.

The Porsche is Primed

A few pics of the Porsche in final primer. We will block it all down starting with 400 grit and finishing in 1000 grit to get it ready for paint.

73 Challenger in the Paint Booth

The 73 challenger is in the paint booth. We will put 3 coats of feather fill primer on. After feather fill is applied we will bake it 60 mins. We will then take it out of the paint booth and block sand it down starting with 120 grit and then finish it in 320 grit (...)

Priming the Porsche

Here are a few pictures of the Porsche in its first primer. It has taken a lot of work to get to this point.

Porsche Ready for Primer

The body work is complete on the Porsche. It is ready for its first round of primer. We will spray three coats of spray able putty on it and then take it out of the booth and block it down.

Metal Work on the Porsche

The Porsche needs a lot of metal work done on it . The person that did the work on the car before us covered a lot of problem areas up with fiberglass and tar. It was very unsafe to be driving this car around. Some panels we are able to buy after market and some (...)

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