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More pictures of the 1968 Pontiac Beaumont

Here are some more pictures of the 1968 Pontiac Beaumont big block, as you can see we have lots of rust and old patch work to deal with. Dan has had this car for over 30 years and it requires some serious work. Over the next few weeks we will be replacing the inner and (...)

Dan’s 1968 Pontiac Beaumont big block

New Project! Introducing Dan’s 1968 Pontiac Beaumont big block. Dan has brought us his 1968 Beaumont big block to restore. He has had this car for over 30 years, it will need new inner and outer wheel wells, new 1/4 panels, doors repaired and new front fenders.

Update on Dave’s 1948 Ford Anglia

Here is an update on Dave’s 1948 Ford Anglia. As shown in the images below, the car has come back from the sandblaster, we have made the custom dash and console, we put it in the paint booth on rotisserie to prime the floor, and we mounted the body to the frame so we can (...)

Working on Dave’s 1948 Anglia

We are working on the firewall, floor and rear tubs for Dave’s 1948 Ford Anglia. A complete new firewall and floors are being custom made to match new frame. we should be able to mount the body to the frame in a couple of weeks.

Dave’s 1948 Anglia

Dave brought us his 48 Anglia for a complete restoration. He has had it for over 30 years sitting in his garage. He purchased a complete frame for it a couple years ago. It is tubed and has air ride. It came to us in pieces with no floors, so the first step is to (...)

Rob’s 1974 Corvette

Rob brought us his 1974 Corvette to restore a couple months ago. His grandfather bought it new in 1974. It was passed down to Rob a few years ago. The body was in rough condition, it had a lot of cracks in the fender seams, and was painted with lacquer. It had been stripped with (...)

1969 Twin Turbo Firebird

Tony’s 1969 Twin Turbo Firebird came to us as a half finished project. It is a complete body and paint project, with a lot of mechanical changes and upgrades. It is always hard to work on a half-finished project and there are usually lots of issues that need to be corrected. As is the norm (...)

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