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Andy’s 1951 Chevrolet truck ready for primer

We have been working to get Andy’s 1951 Chevrolet truck ready for primer. The hood is now in primer and you will notice that the center strip has been removed and filled in as well as the body work is done on the cab and it is ready for its first primer.

Andy’s 1951 Chevrolet windshield

In Andy’s 1951 Chevrolet truck we are cutting out the center divider from the old two piece windshield. We are going to install a new one piece front windshield.

Andy’s 1951 Chevrolet truck progress

We are still working away on Andy’s 1951 Chevrolet truck. We have filled in the extra holes in the dashboard and made others smaller to properly fit the new instruments. Now we are mocking up the seats, pedals and console. We are also going to be flush mounting everything on the back tailgate area. We (...)

The Chevy Nova all fixed up

A couple of weeks ago we had a Chevy Nova come in that had been in a little accident. We fixed the rear taillight area and now it’s good as new and ready for some more summer fun.

Dodge Viper Frame

Mark brought us his Dodge Viper to do some front frame repair. We had a donor frame that we sectioned on the front.

Chevy Nova Taillight

We don’t work exclusively on custom restorations, we also handle small repair work. Today we are fixing this Chevy Nova that had a little accident. We will be fixing the rear taillight area and it should be good as new in a week or so.

1951 Chevrolet dashboard

Andy’s 1951 Chevrolet truck has some extra holes in the dash and considering that we are going to be installing different gauges we don’t need all of this space. We have started filling in some of the holes and we have made some of them a little bit smaller to properly fit the new instruments.

New frame for the 1951 Chevrolet

We are working on Andy’s 1951 Chevrolet truck. This truck has been previously restored and we are going to turn it into a street rod. We had a frame built for this truck from Hitman Hotrods out of Cambridge, in the pictures below we have the 383 Stroker motor and transmission installed for mockup. We (...)

Dan’s 1968 Pontiac Beaumont is fully restored

Dan’s 1968 Pontiac Beaumont is complete. This project came to us last year after Dan had already owned the car for over 30 years. It needed new inner and outer wheel wells, new 1/4 panels, front fenders and needed the doors repaired. It came to us with lots of rust and old patch work to (...)

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