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General Questions
Paint Questions
  • That is a hard question to answer! The actual painting time is 4 to 16 hours on a restoration. Many factors come in to play such as: graphics, Tri-coats, how many body parts there are to paint, and what colours they are. Most of our restorations are painted in pieces, with the exception of really complex pearls/candies that need to be sprayed at the same time to get an exact colour match. The cost in the paint job is the prep work before and the wet sanding and polishing after. Give us a call, once we know what kind of paint job you need we can give you an accurate quote.

  • We use DuPont/spies heckler for our primers and paint. It is not cheap! But is the best money can buy.

  • We have a Nova Verta downdraft with full baking system.

Restoration Questions
  • The prices range from 15,000.00 and up. They are based on what the customer wants and the car needs. All of our restorations receive the same attention to detail as far as the metal, body and paint work, the chassis and under body detail is up to the customer as to how far they want to go and what the budget is.

  • Most of our restorations take about six to eight months to complete, but could be as long as two years depending on the job. We usually have one person who will oversee each restoration one at a time so that nothing will get missed.

Current Projects

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