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67 Chevelle Sandblasted

Here is an update on the 67 Chevelle restoration. We had the car’s body sandblasted. We knew there were many holes in the dash and front upper and lower cowl, but the sandblaster always finds more!!! We will have to replace the metal on the door hinge panels along with the dash and the floor (...)

71 Mustang in Urethane Primer

Here we have the body and hood all done with three coats of the Evercoat sprayable putty. We will also bake them at 130F for 30 minutes. We will wait a few days and then start blocking it down for the next round of primer.     Now we have blocked down the sprayable putty (...)

41 Willys Project

Doug has brought to us his 41 Willys to freshen up. It is running a blown Chevy big block with a 400 transmission. It is a fiberglass body that we believe was made by Street Beast. The car has a lot of issues. There are many stress cracks in the body, and the doors do (...)

71 Mustang body in Putty Primer

We have the body and hood of the 1971 Mustang in the spray booth, ready for the first coat of sprayable putty primer. All the body work on it has also been finished in 320 grit. Since the underneath of all panels is done in black, we need to mask it all up to keep (...)

71 Mustang Sanding and Priming

We have the body work done on the body parts for the 71 Mustang. Sanding of all panels is finished in 320 grit. We will now prime with a sprayable putty product made by Evercoat. Three coats of it will be applied.     Here are some photos of the parts in the first sprayable (...)

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