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71 Mustang body in Putty Primer

We have the body and hood of the 1971 Mustang in the spray booth, ready for the first coat of sprayable putty primer. All the body work on it has also been finished in 320 grit. Since the underneath of all panels is done in black, we need to mask it all up to keep (...)

71 Mustang Sanding and Priming

We have the body work done on the body parts for the 71 Mustang. Sanding of all panels is finished in 320 grit. We will now prime with a sprayable putty product made by Evercoat. Three coats of it will be applied.     Here are some photos of the parts in the first sprayable (...)

66 Nova at Autorama Detroit

More than a few customs on the floor at the 2016 Detroit Autorama come with six-figure price tags attached—yikes! You’d think small-potatoes Canadian hot rodders wouldn’t stand a chance competing with these high-dollar cars — but you’d be wrong. Follow this link to the AutoFocus News article featuring a 1966 Chevy Nova belonging to Neil (...)

1971 Mustang Body Work

We have the 71 Ford Mustang convertible back on its wheels. The body panels are all lined up and we are doing the body work. When doing the body work the car must be on its wheels in order to get the gaps right. We never do any structural welding or body work on a (...)

48 Anglia wins grand champion at Motorama Toronto

This weekend we attended the Motorama Custom Cars and Motorsports Expo in Toronto. Not only did we have a booth set up but the recent restoration of the 48 Anglia was featured and won grand champion! I would like to take this time to say thank you to everyone who attended the Expo, thank you (...)

71 Mustang in Epoxy Primer

The 71 Mustang has been sprayed with two coats of epoxy primer on everything. We do this so the body doesn’t rust. Since this car is clean and free of pitting, we are going to seam-seal the areas underneath and then spray a sealer, and then paint it semi gloss black underneath before doing the (...)

1971 Mustang Convertible update

Project update on Ken’s 1971 Ford Mustang convertible. The car is back from sandblasting on put on a rotisserie. We have to deal with a few areas that require a little metal replacement and a few dent repairs on the underneath of the car form jacking it up wrong over the years. It is a (...)

1968 Mustang Convertible

New project at Randy Colyn Restorations. Pat has brought to us his 68 mustang GT convertible to finish/restore. Somebody else had already started the process with very poor results. The welding of the new panels and paint is of really poor quality. We are going to strip the car back down and start over. Here (...)

1967 Chevelle – Scope of Work

Here are a few more photos of our 1967 Chevelle restoration project in progress. There are many rust areas that require attention. Much work needs to be done to bring this car to pristine condition. At Randy Colyn Restorations we specialize in body work and paint so when we are finished this classic car will (...)

1971 Mustang restoration update

Here is an update on the restoration of 1971 Mustang Convertible: the car was in an accident a long time ago. The rear tail light panel was damaged. The car’s owner Ken found an nos panel that we are going to replace. The battery tray area is rusty as well from battery acid, we have (...)

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