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1960 Mercury Parklane – 1/4 Panel

Here is a photo of some of the repairs we had to do on the right inner structure of the Parklane before we can install the new nos 1/4 panel. We were lucky to find that nos 1/4 panel. We had to make the left hand side from scratch, which is a lot more work.

Chevelle Floor and Fire Wall

We keep finding more and more pin holes. We are now changing the complete floor and fire wall along with inner rockers. Here is a picture with everything cut out and cleaned up ready to install new floor and firewall.

Chevelle Trunk & Wheel Wells

We have the roof panel fitting, now on to the trunk floor and inner and outer wheel wells. The trunk floor fits real nice but the inner and outer wheel wells are going to take a bit of work to fit the car and the new 1/4 panels.

New roof panel on the 72 Chevelle

Here we are fitting the new roof panel on the 72 Chevelle. It takes a bit of work to get it to fit since it is an aftermarket piece. We will also put on new drip rails at the same time. We will have to pie cut a few areas to get it to fit (...)

Park Lane Metal Work

We have started on the metal work. We now have the old right 1/4 panel off. Before we can install the new one we will have to rebuild the body mount and the lower 1/4 extension. We will have to make those pieces our self since you can’t buy them.

1960 Mercury Park Lane

Peter has brought us his 1960 Mercury Park Lane to do a complete body and paint on. His family had one when he was growing up. It is going to need a lot of metal work to get it back in shape. He was lucky enough to find a new old stock right 1/4 panel (...)

Metal Work on the Porsche

The Porsche needs a lot of metal work done on it . The person that did the work on the car before us covered a lot of problem areas up with fiberglass and tar. It was very unsafe to be driving this car around. Some panels we are able to buy after market and some (...)

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