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’72 Chevelle – Manual Transmission Tunnel

The Chevelle was an automatic car. We have cut out the tunnel and changed it to a manual tunnel setup. We installed the motor and transmission while we were doing it to make sure the location for the shifter was right on.

’72 Chevelle Fender Door Gaps

Here a few pics of the before and after fender-door gaps. Now that we have all the gaps fixed up, we will get everything ready for two coats of epoxy primer before starting the body work.  

1972 Chevelle – Hood/Fender/Headlight Panel

We have the body back on the chassis and have lined up all the parts the best we can. There are a lot of aftermarket parts on this car, so we will have to weld and grind the edges to get nice gaps before the body work starts. Here is a before and after picture (...)

’88 Ford Bronco

Gary brought us his 88 Ford Bronco to restore. His father bought it new and he wanted to restore it in his memory. It seems to be in fairly good shape. We will know better once we get it stripped down and sandblasted.

88 Fox Body Mustang

We did a 66 mustang for Igor a few years back. Now he has brought us his 88 Fox Body Mustang to do. We are going to completely disassemble and do a lot of upgrades to the drive train and chassis as well as smooth out the engine compartment.

Chevelle Stripped Down

We have the 72 Chevelle stripped down. It is going to need a lot of the panels replaced. We are going to be changing the trunk floor, main floor , firewall, roof , 1.4 panels ,inner and outer wheel wells, front fenders, also the hood because we are putting a cowl induction hood on it. (...)

1972 Chevrolet Chevelle

Jonnie has brought us his 72 Chevelle. It has been in the family since new. We are going to do a complete restoration on it. It will see a big motor upgrade to about 650 hp and a 5 speed manual transmission. As well it will be updated with new chassis components. We are not (...)

The Porsche is Done

The Porsche is finally done. Ready for years of enjoyment.  For a little car it sure has been a lot of work!!!

Porche front storage needs some work

The front storage area is in rough shape. Between being rusty it has also been dented in many times from the previous owner hitting curbs. We will cut out what we need to and replace. Some of the parts are available from Restoration Design in Guelph the rest we will make ourselves.

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