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73 Challenger in the Paint Booth

The 73 challenger is in the paint booth. We will put 3 coats of feather fill primer on. After feather fill is applied we will bake it 60 mins. We will then take it out of the paint booth and block sand it down starting with 120 grit and then finish it in 320 grit (...)

41 Willys Restoration Progress

The 41 Willys had its first coat of super build primer applied. After it came out of the paint booth, we have bolted the doors and trunk lid back on. The body is now guide coated so we can see if there are any high or low spots while we block it out. The Willys (...)

71 Mustang in Urethane Primer

Here we have the body and hood all done with three coats of the Evercoat sprayable putty. We will also bake them at 130F for 30 minutes. We will wait a few days and then start blocking it down for the next round of primer.     Now we have blocked down the sprayable putty (...)

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  • Adrian 73 Challenger
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