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Tony’s 1965 Ford Mustang being painted

Tony’s 1965 Ford Mustang is in the paint booth for body paint. We should be painting the rest of the parts next week! Some wet sanding and polishing to follow and then we move on to assembly.

Tony’s 1965 Ford Mustang in the paint booth

Tony’s 1965 Ford Mustang is getting platinum black sprayed on the underside of the body/rad support, the insides of doors and fenders and all the parts are platinum black as well. We will let it dry over the weekend and start prepping for the body colour next week.

Working on Dave’s 1948 Anglia

We are working on the firewall, floor and rear tubs for Dave’s 1948 Ford Anglia. A complete new firewall and floors are being custom made to match new frame. we should be able to mount the body to the frame in a couple of weeks.

Tony’s 1965 Mustang

Tony had an original mustang that was in rough shape so he decided to buy a new reproduction body from Golden Leaf Automotive and begin his project with that. While there was no rust to deal with there was a lot of fitting and changing panel gaps, we had to cut the backs of the (...)

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