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Thomas and Kim’s 1969 Camaro Restoration

We have just started working on Thomas and Kim’s 1969 Camaro. As with many of our projects this Camaro restoration is a custom restoration process. The car has come to us with some of the work already completed. We are going to be doing some body work underneath the car and then we will be (...)

The body of Dave’s 1948 Ford Anglia is painted

Dave’s 1948 Ford Anglia frame is back from powder coating. We had that stainless grade eight hardware come in and and we bolted it back together. The body is finally painted and we will now start wet sanding and polishing.

Dave’s 1948 Ford Anglia is back from powder coating

Dave’s 1948 Ford Anglia frame is back from powder coating. We are waiting on some stainless grade eight hardware and then we will be bolting it back together. While we are waiting for that we have the underside of the body to paint and it will be painted later this week.

Painting Dan’s 1968 Pontiac Beaumont

We are now in the painting stage of Dan’s 1968 Pontiac Beaumont restoration project. We painted the dash and front cowl semi gloss black and once they were dry over the weekend we masked it and painted inside the body shell, firewall and trunk. We then finished sanding the outside of the car with 800-1000 (...)

Getting the 1948 Ford Anglia ready for final primer

More progress on the 1948 Ford Anglia custom car build, we were focusing on the interior and we installed power windows, mounted the air conditioning duct work and installed all dash and console parts. We blocked down the first primer and now the body is back on the rotisserie getting ready for final primer. We (...)

Dan’s 1968 Pontiac Beaumont is finished the primer stage

We finished some body work on Dan’s 1968 Pontiac Beaumont restoration project and all the trim pieces have been fitted. At this stage of the restoration the Beaumont has been through its first primer stage and we are blocking down the primer. We have bolted everything back together before blocking in order to get everything (...)

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